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Vice Governor Wang Tie of Henan Province, China visits Dorset at Aalten

We are honored to have received the delegation led by Mr. Wang Tie, Vice Governor of Henan Province, China.

After the welcome by Mr. Berghoef, Mayor of Aalten, there was room for an exchange of views on how the Henan Province can benefit from the technology of Dorset and how Dorset can benefit from cooperating with Chinese partners.

The Henan Province has a thriving economy and large poultry sector. But the agricultural sector is confronted with the same questions as the European agricultural sectors on how to cope with air pollution, smell and manure problems. Dorset technology, such as air cleaning, drying and pyrolysis can help in coping with these problems.


The Henan Province offers great opportunities for European companies such as Dorset, to enter the Chinese market and benefit from cooperation with Chinese partners to increase sales and for production purposes. Mr. Zhou, CEO of Henan Jinfeng Poultry Equipment and Mr. Haaring, Director of Dorset Group took this opportunity to formalize their future cooperation.

To see example of the technology functioning in praxis, the delegation visited a Dorset drying installation for drying poultry manure located at poultry-farm Reijerink. The manure is being dried by pulling stable air from the poultry houses through the manure. This results in a significant reduction of dust emissions of the air coming out of the poultry houses and dried poultry manure as well.

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