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Video detailing poultry manure drying project in China

The project uses a Henan Dusan dryer for drying poultry manure. The dryer is located in China directly at a poultry farm. (Video in English with Chinese subtitles)

China is making big efforts in becoming more environmentally friendly. Poultry farmers willing to improve their environmental impact often choose for drying poultry manure directly at the farm. This will reduce dust, ammonia and odour emissions of the manure. The dried manure is a good fertilizer and can be stored and transported easily.

In the video Ruben Otten, director of Henan Dusan Biomass Equipment, explains the equipment together with Mr. Wang, director of Luohe Yangguang Poultry Industry.

Henan Dusan is a sister company of Dorset Green Machines B.V., producing the Dorset designed drying equipment for the Chinese market.

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